Shrek (1964 series) is a 1964 series. It is a sequel to Shrek (1935 series) that follows Shrek's life one year after the 1935 series, which ended with a 9 year time jump. At this point, he has been married to Fiona for 10 years, and his children, Fergus, Farkle, and Felicia are 6 years old. Donkey and Dragon now also have kids, who are all 4 years old, and Puss In Boots is now a senior citizen. Meanwhile, Gingy and the Muffin Man go on adventures for sweet objects (literally) and eventually meet Farquaad, who actually survived being eaten by Dragon at the end of the 1935 series, and is out for his revenge.

Episode Guide


1: Shrek Goes Fishing! (December 21, 1964)

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