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"Shrek Plays Fortnite!" is the first episode of The Shrek Days. The episode is about Shrek being addicted to a game called Fortnite.



Shrek: Hey, Donkey. I'm going to Walmart. You wanna come?
Donkey: Ok.
[Meanwhile -- at Walmart]
Shrek: Alrighty, Donkey! We're here!
Donkey: Let's buy some waffles!
Shrek: I need onions and cheesecake, too. Tons and tons of cheesecake!
Donkey: Ok.
Shrek: *gasp* Is that... Fortnite?
Donkey: Uh... yeah. Duh! It says it on the cover.
Shrek: We gotta buy it, Donkey! Forget about everything else! I only want this!
Donkey: But... The waffles, though...
ArthurFistMeme: I don't like Fortnite...
Shrek: But I do, ArthurFistDonkey!
[Meanwhile -- back at the swamp]

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