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Shrek's Day Out

Shrek's Day Out

"Shrek's Day Out" is a YouTube video that was uploaded on February 3, 2017.


Shrek has an eventful day. The video starts with Shrek breaking the door of the outhouse. Then he runs arond his swamp. Then he runs towards Shrekway, buying two big onions. Then Shrek and Donkey go to Waffle Shrek to get waffles. After that, they were jaywalking on the interstate, causing a car to lose control, crashing into a pole. They went through the woods. They went in a castle (Donkey thought that The Giant Lizard was a dragon), then they found the princess.



  • Shrekway is a parody of Safeway.
  • Waffle Shrek is a parody of Waffle House.
  • SHREK is a parody of NASA.
  • If you slow the video down at 0.5%, All-Star will be played at normal speed.
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